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Today there are many channels of  social media to remain connected with the society. This makes social media marketing very Important.

why you need us as social media consultants?

n the realm of Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing refers to the use of social media for online marketing of products and services. SEO , Adwords and social media optimisation are the three pillars of digital marketing. SEO is time consuming and gives results gradually on the other hand Adwords is totally budget oriented as your budget finishes you will disappear. Social media optimisation is totally different from SEO and Adwords it is cheaper than Adwords and gives results in a smaller time frame.With Social Media Marketing, companies target several stakeholders through online spaces. Such campaigns could simultaneously target customers, employees, journalists, bloggers and the potential customers. At the strategic level, it includes the management of company’s image in the cyber space and to establish the firm’s desired social media culture. And to attract any particular segment or section of the audience, it is always important to come up with breakthrough ideas that may help in positive engagement with the users. Moreover it has been observed those are active on social media have 33% more business than those are dormant. In B2C industry social media is also very effective tool of branding and generating sales.

Years of Experience


Our campaigns include every major platform associated with social media marketing. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube etc- we make sure that every sort of audience is reached out to. As the inevitability of social media could hardly be denied, it is always a wise move to target your potential customers using these platforms. And apart from it, one could further engage with several stakeholders and utilise the latest trends to reach out.

So as part of our social media marketing strategy, we analyse the “Social” behaviour of the targeted audience. We analyse as to where these users are primarily spending their time and in what way could the lines of communications be established. One of the added features with social media is real-time feedback where we could easily gauze. And given the number of people that are available at the social media platforms, with the plethora of groups based on tastes and preferences, it is perhaps easier to target the audience.

We go into a great deal of research in the profile of our clients and their potential customers before coming out with any particular plan. After this, we go into profile creation, sourcing content, updating posts, etc., to make sure that we target the right users.

You can contact our experts who can guide you best plan according to your budget and requirement.

I have been more than 20 years in digital marketing industries, and have help more than 400 companies around the world, to grow their business.

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