how to make website Lead generator?

Essentials of a good website.

A million Dollar question what is a good website?

Today everybody is going online. Latest research data has shown today 90% European Union shopper searched online before buying. One-third of the total sale made online today it has been observed those people have 34% more sale who have a business website, so if you don’t have a business website you are losing 34% of your business. A good website which is fulfilling its job of business generation is the good website designed.

Today having a website is not a costly affair. There are many content management systems in the market in which we can easily create a website. Actually planning a website is a tough job, you will create a website and sales inquiries will start rolling this will not be very easily. For that you will have to decide your target audience, you will have ascertained your serving location, your niche segment and how your client will contact you, the purpose of website increasing sale or branding or something different. These are some points on which different business can have different opinions but there some requisite points which every website owner must keep in mind to make the website successful.

About us page
This page show who you are, you can display your business, your achievements, your customer’s testimonials, your team, your business events etc. About us, page makes you more trustworthy than one without. To win more trust you can also add your and your team member’s photographs. You can also add photographs of your building or showroom from where you operate. This will be more convincing if someone wants to visit.

Contact Us Page

What so ever your objective is, a contact form is a good start. It helps people ask you questions or request services, It tells them there is human running this business this site is not for the purpose of a statutory requirement.

Contact forms should be simple and small include name, email address and message, but some businesses try to extract more information from the sender. This seems a good idea, but when someone sees a lengthy form with every field mandatory tag they leave it without filing so try to make your form compact and only make actually needed information mandatory. You can also add, your email address, your phone number, embed Google map (to locate your business) on your contact us page. You can also dial now button on your website’s mobile version.

Mobile friendly website
mobile app-website

According to official Google statements, more than 50 percent of search queries globally now come from mobile devices. In the latest research report by Hitwise US mobile search is roughly 58 percent of overall search query volume. So now you can understand the importance of a mobile-friendly website. Before launching your website you must check your website on different mobile screen sizes according to the popularity of mobile brands in your geographical region. Avoid having flash elements in your website because flash does not work on mobiles. Also, you should avoid having lots of videos on your mobile site, as this could slow the website down.

Add picture and videos to your business website
A business website should not be like a newspaper’s editorial section. Always create small interesting contents add some picture and videos to create visitor interest and also help them to understand what you do. If you don’t have image you can also find for free at

Pexels dotcom

Gratisography dotcom

nos.twnsnd dotco

Sometimes people use stolen images from their competitor’s website, other brands or from premium websites. In that case, you may have to pay hefty fines so always be care when selecting media.

Products and services pages

When a visitor to your website, looking for something in particular, usually, the services you offer and the locations you operate. If you’re planning with SEO in mind, you should create these pages separately so that you rank for multiple search terms. A specific page for a product or service helps the visitor to land directly on that page and help him to find the required product and service instantly. Products and service pages you should be clear in what you provide for selling products try to use best CMS like Magento, Drupal if you are promoting your offline business then prefer WordPress.

Location Page
If you are operating at multiple locations then always have a separate location page for each location also add place near me on that page. This will help you local SEO as well your visitor to locate you. Even for a single location, you can add location page in your business website with the place near, cafeteria near me, schools near me option this will make you visible in local inquiries.


Now plan for a business website and also keep these factors in your mind while giving your assignment to website development company apart from this also check security and speed of your website and the plan for promotion by SEO services or PPC services.

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