What is every small business website needed to be successful business website?


A million Dollar question is why website requires for business and what is a successful business website?

Today everybody is going online. Latest research data has shown today 90% European Union shopper searched online before buying. One-third of the total sale made online today it has been observed those people have 34% more sale who have a business website, so if you don’t have a business website you are losing 34% of your business. A Website which is fulfilling its job of business generation is the successful website.

Today having a website is not a costly affair. There are many content management systems in the market in which we can easily create a website.   Actually planning a website is a tough job, you will create a website and sales inquiries will start rolling this will not be very easily. For that you will have to decide your target audience, you will have ascertained your serving location, your niche segment and how your client will contact you, the purpose of website increasing sale or branding or something different. These are some points on which different business can have different opinions but there some requisite points which every website owner must keep in mind to make the website successful.

About us page

This page show who you are, you can display your business, your achievements, your customer’s testimonials, your team, your business events etc. About us, page makes you more trustworthy than one without. To win more trust you can also add your and your team member’s photographs. You can also add photographs of your building or showroom from where you operate. This will be more convincing if someone wants to visit.

Contact Us Page

What so ever your objective is, a contact form is a good start. It helps people ask you questions or request services, It tells them there is human running this business this site is not for the purpose of a statutory requirement.

Contact forms should be simple and small include name, email address and message, but some businesses try to extract more information from the sender. This seems a good idea, but when someone sees a lengthy form with every field mandatory tag they leave it without filing so try to make your form compact and only make actually needed information mandatory. You can also add, your email address, your phone number, embed Google map (to locate your business) on your contact us page. You can also dial now button on your website’s mobile version.

Mobile friendly website

mobile app-website

According to official Google statements, more than 50 percent of search queries globally now come from mobile devices.  In the latest research report by Hitwise US mobile search is roughly 58 percent of overall search query volume. So now you can understand the importance of a mobile-friendly website. Before launching your website you must check your website on different mobile screen sizes according to the popularity of mobile brands in your geographical region. Avoid having flash elements in your website because flash does not work on mobiles. Also, you should avoid having lots of videos on your mobile site, as this could slow the website down.

Add picture and videos to your business website

A business website should not be like a newspaper’s editorial section. Always create small interesting contents add some picture and videos to create visitor interest and also help them to understand what you do. If you don’t have image you can also find for free at

Pexels dotcom

Gratisography dotcom

nos.twnsnd dotco

Sometimes people use stolen images from their competitor’s website, other brands or from premium websites. In that case, you may have to pay hefty fines so always be care when selecting media.

Products and services pages

When a visitor to your website, looking for something in particular, usually, the services you offer and the locations you operate. If you’re planning with SEO in mind, you should create these pages separately so that you rank for multiple search terms. A specific page for a product or service helps the visitor to land directly on that page and help him to find the required product and service instantly. Products and service pages you should be clear in what you provide for selling products try to use best CMS like Magento, Drupal if you are promoting your offline business then prefer WordPress.

Location Page

local SEO

If you are operating at multiple locations then always have a separate location page for each location also add place near me on that page. This will help you local SEO as well your visitor to locate you. Even for a single location, you can add location page in your business website with the place near, cafeteria near me, schools near me option this will make you visible in local inquiries.


Now plan for a business website and also keep these factors in your mind while giving your assignment to website development company apart from this also check security and speed of your website and the plan for promotion by SEO services or PPC services.


Why a great meta description important for successful SEO and getting business?

If you have a website and

You’ve optimised your website.

You’ve created some quality content.

You’ve been busy promoting your brand.

You’re ranking highly for loads of great keywords.

But still you are not getting inquiries and call

Don’t loose your confidence in SEO and digital marketing, you need to recheck your meta description.

It is very important to understand

What is Meta description?  to understand its importance.

Meta description is the little snippet of information that displays in a search result. Meta description is also called as meta tag. Actually, this information does not show up or exist on the web page it only tagged to that particular page for which it has been created.

Sample meta description

Meta description can be created for mostly for all types of content.From normal web pages to blog posts, case studies to ebooks. Or anything you publish on a website. Now you can understand the purpose of a meta description or meta tag is very simple.

Google deeply concerned about user experience, meta description, gives a better understanding of the content they’ll see if they click on the link in question.

In other words, It helps users to choose which search result best suits their needs.

So a meta description should be descriptive and appealing and written for the user, not for search engines. Because a search engine may or may show your web page for a certain search inquiry but a user will respond to a proper description.

Importance of Meta description?

Meta description is a final deciding factor created by you.

Someone searched for a product you are selling. Google has shown him your web page in search results on the basis of your SEO efforts but still, the user did not click your website because your description is not appealing you may have included that keyword in the description. This is a wastage of your SEO efforts. If that client clicks and at any stage become your satisfied customer will also recommend you to others also.

Some people not aware of the role played by meta description in your online success and they completely ignore it.

Google WILL display something as a description or tag.

So if you don’t write a meta description, Google will just extract any old copy from the content or pick some content from the page not essentially valuable for a person searching.

Meta description

This is how NOT to do it.

who is going to visit this search result?

No one.

Why would you want to leave your marketing success in the hands of a machine?

In another very common scenario when we write meta description half heartily or take it very lightly.

That gives a really sloppy feel to the search result also:

ineffective meta tags

As this description has no hook or incentive, and no specific information about the web page. I don’t see any reason for visiting this page at all.

[The copy doesn’t even make grammatical sense.]

Also, lengthy meta descriptions won’t fit in the given space properly.

Google requires meta tag to be 150-160 characters. If you write more, the copy will yield no result and will not show properly.

Moreover, Facebook also picks same meta description when a page is shared on it.

Meta description for social media
Facebook share

In 2009 it was announced by Google meta descriptions aren’t part of Google’s ranking algorithm. So people start ignoring it but Google now uses click-through rate (CTA) data as a ranking signal. Google now constantly monitor how many people click on your link.


If no one clicks on your link, Google will assume your page isn’t relevant and the ranking position of your page in the search results will start to drop. So even not being important in SEO meta description still play important role in ranking your website higher.

How to create a meta description?

Meta descriptions is behind the scene work it does not show up on your web page, so they need to be entered into your content management system [CMS] for every page on your website. There is different types of website and so many platforms so one system can be fit for all. In HTML or core PHP websites if you know coding then you can create tags or otherwise you will have to take help of developers.

For E-commerce websites it Magento has created particular fields for meta description, meta Title and meta keywords. So you can create it without any additional module or plugin. Other very common platform is WordPress today more than 40% of the new website are designed in WordPress. In WordPress, you can add meta description by any of the plugin Yoast or all in one SEO or WP meta SEO. Yoast and all in one SEO are a very easy plugin and anyone can use the wp meta SEO is a little bit complex but very good plugin. By Yoast and all in one, you can create meta description while creating a page or post. These all plugin will also guide you about focus keyword and a number of words white creating a description.


How to write great meta descriptions?

  1. Make your descriptions fit. Thumb rule for creating meta tags always write within 150 -160 words.
  2. Make your descriptions unique. Never copy the description from others try to your own unique description. If it makes sense to have a keyword in your meta tag, then, by all means, include it. But it must look natural. Because stuffing in keywords won’t get us the results we want. As Google do not care about keywords you use in meta description so always write for humans, not for search engines.
  3. Use power words in a search snippet. Use words like special offer, great deal etc.
  4. Embrace your brand identity. Use words which better explain your brand i.e. base on most advanced technology, largest manufacturer etc.
  5. Showcase what you do. Do hesitate to tell what you do.
  6. Have a clear call-to-action [CTA]. Request your customers to act use words like “get a free quote” or “call for advice”.
  7. Check your description. Do proofreading before publishing either it make any sense or not.
  8. Write creative and have fun. Give a happy impression not boring.
  9. Offer a solution to a problem.

solution meta tag

  1. Preview your meta description first. Always preview your meta description before publishing.



How to Hire the Best SEO Company?

best seo company
How to select best SEO service provider?

Logon to the internet and you are sure to come across a lot of conflicting information about how to hire the best SEO company or website designer. The World Wide Web is your source of livelihood and you just can’t trust anyone blindly to guide you around. Also, as you may have learnt by now, time is not on your side. Each day you struggle to optimise your website, is another day spent without sufficient revenue, and a chance for your competitors to steal a mile.


To eliminate the confusion, we have compiled a list of things that you must ask for while choosing the best SEO Company. Not every website development company will fit the bill. But popular beliefs aside, you can find one that caters to your needs.


11 Tips to Hire the Best SEO Company


  1. Size


All top SEO companies include several price points depending on the size of the client’s business. They must be able to carry out effective optimisation of websites having one to 1,000 pages.


  1. Knowledge

Best website designing and SEO Company must have Command on working on different platforms. As different website require different platforms to work upon as an informative or blog can be made in WordPress but for big e-commerce website best option is Magento or .Net. If the developer company will have perfection in many platforms then they will able to suggest the best option otherwise, they will recommend only one platform they know about.


  1. Page rank


A company must specifically address the ways to improve the search engine position and the page rank of your website. This, ideally, should include a detailed website analysis.


  1. Linking strategy


An SEO company, worth its salt, should be able to comprehend the importance of both single-way and reciprocal linking on search engines. Hence, it must offer and be able to execute advanced analyses of a website’s linking structure and improve the same if required.


  1. Keyword optimisation


This is an integral part of on-page optimisation. The best SEO company you plan to hire must analyse and optimise your keywords, suggest alternatives (if any), and restructure the content to increase page traffic.


  1. Customer care


Expert advice should always be a phone call away. You surely won’t want to wait long for a solution to your problems. The best SEO Company should promptly address client queries. It indicates how reliable its services are.


  1. Pricing

The services of the SEO Company must be competitively priced. It should fit your budget. Always compare the charges with the prevailing market price. It must be reasonable. The SEO Company, at the same time, shouldn’t charge a rock-bottom price. Remember, good service commands a good price.


  1. Time is imperative


It makes no sense if even the best SEO Company can’t save your time. It must be professional in its dealing, without asking continuously asking for guidance. After delegating the work, you should be able to devote time to other pressing projects that demand your personal attention.


  1. Value check


Before you hire a website development company for SEO services, compare the costs to that of conventional advertising, like classifieds or pay per click. Does the price offer better results? Is it worth spending? Does it stand a fair chance of generating better brand visibility?


  1. Communication


The Company must be open to communication. Important developments and changes to your website must be shared with you. The company should respond whenever you have a query.


  1. Reporting


The best Company should present a detailed report so that you can track your website’s performance. None likes guesswork. Neither do you. It’s wiser to check the results first-hand rather than believing what is told to you. In this way, you can ensure that what was promised, and what is being delivered.

seo targets acheived

Choosing the best SEO Company is important for the success of your business. We are confident that the above tips will place your internet business firmly on the path of success. Let us know your thoughts. And don’t forget to share this story on your social network.


India’s move to increase business (RBI FAQ on the note withdrawal scheme)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Withdrawal of Legal Tender Character of the Old High Denomination Bank Notes as business standard’s website


1. Why is this scheme?

The incidence of fake Indian currency notes in higher denomination has increased. For ordinary persons, the fake notes look similar to genuine notes, even though no security feature has been copied. The fake notes are used for anti-national and illegal activities. High denomination notes have been misused by terrorists and for hoarding black money. India remains a cash-based economy hence the circulation of Fake Indian Currency Notes continues to be a menace. In order to contain the rising incidence of fake notes and black money, the scheme to withdraw has been introduced.

2. What is this scheme?

The legal tender character of the notes in denominations of ₹ 500 and ₹ 1000 stands withdrawn. In consequence thereof withdrawn old high denomination (OHD) notes cannot be used for transacting business and/or store of value for future usage. The OHD notes can be exchanged for value at any of the 19 offices of the Reserve Bank of India or at any of the bank branches or at any Head Post Office or Sub-Post Office.

3. How much value will I get?

You will get value for the entire volume of notes tendered at the bank branches / RBI offices.

4. Can I get all in cash?

No. You will get upto Rs.4000 per person in cash irrespective of the size of tender and anything over and above that will be receivable by way of credit to bank account.

5. Why I cannot get the entire amount in cash when I have surrendered everything in cash?

The Scheme of withdrawal of old high denomination(OHD) notes does not provide for it, given its objectives.

6. Rs.4000 cash is insufficient for my need. What to do?

You can use balances in bank accounts to pay for other requirements by cheque or through electronic means of payments such as Internet banking, mobile wallets, IMPS, credit/debit cards etc.

7. What if I don’t have any bank account?

You can always open a bank account by approaching a bank branch with necessary documents required for fulfilling the KYC requirements.

8. What if, if I have only JDY account?

A JDY account holder can avail the exchange facility subject to the caps and other laid down limits in accord with norms and procedures.

9. Where can I go to exchange the notes?

The exchange facility is available at all Issue Offices of RBI and branches of commercial banks/RRBS/UCBs/State Co-op banks or at any Head Post Office or Sub-Post Office.

10. Need I go to my bank branch only?

For exchange upto 4000 in cash you may go to any bank branch with valid identity proof.

For exchange over 4000, which will be accorded through credit to Bank account only, you may go to the branch where you have an account or to any other branch of the same bank.

In case you want to go to a branch of any other bank where you are not maintaining an account, you will have to furnish valid identity proof and bank account details required for electronic fund transfer to your account.

11. Can I go to any branch of my bank?

Yes you can go to any branch of your bank.

12. Can I go to any branch of any other bank?

Yes, you can go to any branch of any other bank. In that case you have to furnish valid identity proof for exchange in cash; both valid identity proof and bank account details will be required for electronic fund transfer in case the amount to be exchanged exceeds Rs.4000.

13. I have no account but my relative / friend has an account, can I get my notes exchanged into that account?

Yes, you can do that if the account holder relative/friend etc gives you permission in writing. While exchanging, you should provide to the bank, evidence of permission given by the account holder and your valid identity proof.

14. Should I go to bank personally or can I send the notes through my representative?

Personal visit to the branch is preferable. In case it is not possible for you to visit the branch you may send your representative with an express mandate i.e. a written authorisation. The representative should produce authority letter and his / her valid identity proof while tendering the notes.

15. Can I withdraw from ATM?

It may take a while for the banks to recalibrate their ATMs. Once the ATMs are functional, you can withdraw from ATMs upto a maximum of Rs. 2,000/- per card per day upto 18th November, 2016. The limit will be raised to Rs.4000/- per day per card from 19th November 2016 onwards.

16. Can I withdraw cash against cheque?

Yes, you can withdraw cash against withdrawal slip or cheque subject to ceiling of Rs.10,000/- in a day within an overall limit of ₹20,000/- in a week (including withdrawals from ATMs) for the first fortnight i.e. upto 24th November 2016.

17. Can I deposit withdrawn notes through ATMs, Cash Deposit Machine or cash Recycler?

Yes, OHD notes can be deposited in Cash Deposits machines / Cash Recyclers.

18. Can I make use of electronic (NEFT/RTGS /IMPS/ Internet Banking / Mobile banking etc.) mode?

You can use NEFT/RTGS/IMPS/Internet Banking/Mobile Banking or any other electronic/ non-cash mode of payment.

19. How much time do I have to exchange the notes?

The scheme closes on 30th December 2016. The OHD banknotes can be exchanged at branches of commercial banks, Regional Rural Banks, Urban Cooperative banks, State Cooperative Banks and RBI till 30th December 2016.

For those who are unable to exchange their Old High Denomination Banknotes on or before December 30, 2016, an opportunity will be given to them to do so at specified offices of the RBI, along with necessary documentation as may be specified by the Reserve Bank of India.

20. I am right now not in India, what should I do?

If you have OHD banknotes in India, you may authorise in writing enabling another person in India to deposit the notes into your bank account. The person so authorised has to come to the bank branch with the OHD banknotes, the authority letter given by you and a valid identity proof (Valid Identity proof is any of the following: Aadhaar Card, Driving License, Voter ID Card, Pass Port, NREGA Card, PAN Card, Identity Card Issued by Government Department, Public Sector Unit to its Staff)

21. I am an NRI and hold NRO account, can the exchange value be deposited in my account?

Yes, you can deposit the OHD banknotes to your NRO account.

22. I am a foreign tourist, I have these notes. What should I do?

You can purchase foreign exchange equivalent to Rs.5000 using these OHD notes at airport exchange counters within 72 hours after the notification, provided you present proof of purchasing the OHD notes.

23. I have emergency needs of cash (hospitalisation, travel, life saving medicines) then what I should do?

You can use the OHD notes for paying for your hospitalisation charges at government hospitals, for purchasing bus tickets at government bus stands for travel by state government or state PSU buses, train tickets at railway stations, and air tickets at airports, within 72 hours after the notification.

24. What is proof of identity?

Valid Identity proof is any of the following: Aadhaar Card, Driving License, Voter ID Card, Pass Port, NREGA Card, PAN Card, Identity Card Issued by Government Department, Public Sector Unit to its Staff.

25. Where can I get more information on this scheme?

Further information is available at our website (www.rbi.org.in) and GoI website (www.rbi.org.in)

26. If I have a problem, whom should I approach?

You may approach the control room of RBI by email or on Telephone Nos 022 22602201/022 22602944


How to rank high on google by SEO services.

In this era of digital and social media marketing and SEO services, each person has keen desire to make their online business popular.  So, they have gone through in the SEO process to get the visibility of their online business in the top position of the search engine.  In fact, search engine optimisation is not just posting of content in the different off-page activities. It is based on the logic and strategy to bring your business in the top most position in the search engines. Day by day, the most prominent search engine is dancing and occurrence of the SERP is quite obvious. Leaving quantity of content at one side, one should have to depend on quality backlink.

Through having backlink for the particular website, the ranking and stability of website remain for the longer period. In other words, we can say that it is fundamental for getting good SEO consequence to the business and making the brand development of the particular company. The SEO services provider, who is core in this business, must know the exact definition. So, they can hypothesis to create this substantial SEO entity.  The ranking of any newly settled business is automatically increased, whose website contains the high number of backlink without compromising its quality. The link of another website is directed is your targeted website. No matter, this link is coming from the article, press release and other websites are known as backlinks.

If a website comprises the sufficient number of quality back links, there should not be any barrier to achieving the high popularity. It is the important factor to grow your business because major search engine Google will give credit to the quality backlink website rather than quantity based back link. The website bundled with quality backlink is equally suitable for gaining the relevant search page in comparison with another page.

Whenever Google is counting relevancy for a specific keyword search program, it gives weight age to the maximum number of backlink in comparison with least number. From the time period of 2012, Google has changed their algorithm and highly concentrate on organic and genuine off page submission activities. Many a time, we are discussing quality backlink creation work. On the other side of the coin, it is also known as link building activity. Link building and content creation activities are going at the fast rate. In absence of these preceding described statements, an individual cannot give new ace to online business promotion work. While any webmaster or general professional is creating quality backlink, page score, domain authority cannot be separate from this game.

Points should be considered by the best SEO services provider to make back link

·         Make link from do follow to achieve maximum link juice

·         Give preference to High domain authority and its value should be beyond 40

·         Make backlink from high PR (page rank) as much higher the page rank and domain authority that much high quality back link will be considered.

Relevance    Backlink should be also from the relevant site otherwise in spite of high-quality backlink google will not give any weight-age to that back link or may penalise that site. For example, a webmaster is doing the promotion of the travel and leisure based business. It is better to get quality off page link building from same based niche. Otherwise, obtained inbound link from different niche does not play sufficient role to enhance your business ranking. So, one should have to try to relevant keyword based backlink to increase the popularity of the business.

seo service backlink generation

Methods of creating backlinks

1 Directory Submission : Toady directories have the lesser role but still they provide quality backlinks for google ranking.

2. Article submission in directories.

3. By joining Forums.

4. Guest blog writing.

5. Social bookmarking

6. Video and slide sharing.

7. Creating edu. and Govt. links

Again I will say these all links should be from your niche relevant High DA, and PR sites. Without giving extensive pressure to your mind, one should have to hand over this responsibility to an expert SEO services provider.  By Hiring SEO Consultants, one can easily get the backlinks in the relevant content and keyword searches. Apart from this on page SEO also play the important role for ranking high in google it is the duty of website designing company to keep in mind all these factors while designing a website.


How to do branding of yourself on social media.

There are some ideas on personal branding on social media by Mel Carson founder & principal strategist at Delightful Communications.
Your new professional image starts with an image. Squinching, smiling and dressing sharply make you more competent, likeable and influential. Means always put a likeable neatly dressed picture on social media.
Someone somewhere will be searching for you at some point in your career. Use your genuine identity  on the internet and optimise regularly your social media profiles for discovery.
What gets you out of bed in the morning? What helps you be better at what you do? A professional purpose is way more than a paycheck.
To have a well-rounded personal brand you need to maintain the balance between what you know and what you have yet to learn and understand from your social circle. Interact with people on social media.
Think before you jot down and share your thoughts online and hone your writing skills over time.
Keep all your social profiles up to date and add social channels to all your professional touch points.
Make time to understand what other people in your niche are doing, saying and how successful they are.
Include your audience, mission, value and avoid using buzzwords!. Use of buzzwords for social media branding sometimes reduces the interest of your audiences and followers.
We all have great experience and stories. Collect and share your experiences professionally to make interesting knowledge base for others.
Use social media tactics to boost discoverability, speaking engagements, in-person interaction and more.

social media branding


Use social media tactics to boost discoverability, speaking engagements, in-person interaction and more. Use more channels of social media to show your presence more people and do your branding in them.

These are some of the ideas for personal social media branding. But you can use the same techniques for branding your product, blog or services on social media.