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How to select best SEO service provider?

Logon to the internet and you are sure to come across a lot of conflicting information about how to hire the best SEO company or website designer. The World Wide Web is your source of livelihood and you just can’t trust anyone blindly to guide you around. Also, as you may have learnt by now, time is not on your side. Each day you struggle to optimise your website, is another day spent without sufficient revenue, and a chance for your competitors to steal a mile.


To eliminate the confusion, we have compiled a list of things that you must ask for while choosing the best SEO Company. Not every website development company will fit the bill. But popular beliefs aside, you can find one that caters to your needs.


11 Tips to Hire the Best SEO Company


  1. Size


All top SEO companies include several price points depending on the size of the client’s business. They must be able to carry out effective optimisation of websites having one to 1,000 pages.


  1. Knowledge

Best website designing and SEO Company must have Command on working on different platforms. As different website require different platforms to work upon as an informative or blog can be made in WordPress but for big e-commerce website best option is Magento or .Net. If the developer company will have perfection in many platforms then they will able to suggest the best option otherwise, they will recommend only one platform they know about.


  1. Page rank


A company must specifically address the ways to improve the search engine position and the page rank of your website. This, ideally, should include a detailed website analysis.


  1. Linking strategy


An SEO company, worth its salt, should be able to comprehend the importance of both single-way and reciprocal linking on search engines. Hence, it must offer and be able to execute advanced analyses of a website’s linking structure and improve the same if required.


  1. Keyword optimisation


This is an integral part of on-page optimisation. The best SEO company you plan to hire must analyse and optimise your keywords, suggest alternatives (if any), and restructure the content to increase page traffic.


  1. Customer care


Expert advice should always be a phone call away. You surely won’t want to wait long for a solution to your problems. The best SEO Company should promptly address client queries. It indicates how reliable its services are.


  1. Pricing

The services of the SEO Company must be competitively priced. It should fit your budget. Always compare the charges with the prevailing market price. It must be reasonable. The SEO Company, at the same time, shouldn’t charge a rock-bottom price. Remember, good service commands a good price.


  1. Time is imperative


It makes no sense if even the best SEO Company can’t save your time. It must be professional in its dealing, without asking continuously asking for guidance. After delegating the work, you should be able to devote time to other pressing projects that demand your personal attention.


  1. Value check


Before you hire a website development company for SEO services, compare the costs to that of conventional advertising, like classifieds or pay per click. Does the price offer better results? Is it worth spending? Does it stand a fair chance of generating better brand visibility?


  1. Communication


The Company must be open to communication. Important developments and changes to your website must be shared with you. The company should respond whenever you have a query.


  1. Reporting


The best Company should present a detailed report so that you can track your website’s performance. None likes guesswork. Neither do you. It’s wiser to check the results first-hand rather than believing what is told to you. In this way, you can ensure that what was promised, and what is being delivered.

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Choosing the best SEO Company is important for the success of your business. We are confident that the above tips will place your internet business firmly on the path of success. Let us know your thoughts. And don’t forget to share this story on your social network.